SETX Tour Highlights

Most Southeast Texas itineraries include these universities:


Other SETX Campus Visits

These colleges are included on some, but not all, SETX itineraries.
Contact us to add/substitute a campus visit in the Houston area.


Preview Days

ComprehensiIve campus visits led by our own Campus Guides
May include UH Preview Day, Texas A&M Preview Day
Tours of on-campus and off-campus housing options
Dining on-campus and popular near-campus locations
Motorcoach tour of university neighborhoods
Collegiate activity depends upon athletic and performing arts calendars
Q&A Sessions on The College Selection & Admissions Process
Guided tour of Houston
Presidential Libraries**: GHW Bush (A&M)

* Other college visits vary by specific itinerary and dates. Some tours include comprehensive visits of one or more of these colleges. Many tours include brief tours (1 hr or less) or narrated driving tours of these campuses. Please contact us for more information.

**  If a student wants, they may replace campus tour with library tour.

Itineraries are subject to change. The length of campus visits vary. Details are provided in each tour's itinerary.

Upcoming Tours


Seminars: The College Selection & Admissions Process
Known as CSAP, these seminars are led by experts in their field. Since some students have participated in a previous TX College Tour, they are ready for Level II. 
Materials are provided.

  • The Selection Process (Select Level I or II)

  • Mock Admission Committee

  • Paying for College (Level I or II)